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Collaborative Engineering Services - Project Management Solutions - Oxford, UK

Project Management Solutions

We have managed many projects here at Collaborative Engineering Services and we do not believe that one methodology suits all. We engage with the team, understand the scope of work and the customer requirements and then start to build the team to deliver. We take a collaborative approach. You can solve any problem if you work together with the customer, engineering team and supply chain to find a delivery method that works.

We communicate in a way that is meaningful to everyone in the team. We know that people are different and not everyone is interested in a project plan. We breakdown tasks and ensure that everyone understand their role and responsibilities. We focus on delivery and an approach that works for everyone.


We can assist you with a full managed solution including project engineers, planning and quality functions. Allow us to take the burden away from you so that we can deliver the work to you in the timescales that you or your customer requires. We are able to take on projects that are failing and provide realistic assessment of how we would move forward to meet your requirements.


Do you have a specific package of work that you need to outsource to us? Maybe it is a specialist engineering design task or a fabrication or sub-assembly. We can provide project management that fits with your requirements and timescales. 


We can provide you with the staff that you require to deliver your project. We are able to source recruit and ensure that we take the burden away from you to find the right person for the role. Whether a short or long term commitment we are able to find the right people for your business.

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