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Collaborative Engineering Services - Our Values - Collaboration, Teamwork, Honesty & Professionalism- Oxford, UK

Our Values


Ad men reviewing contract

Throughout the years there has been so much written on the subject of collaboration. How to bring teams together, manage suppliers and subcontractors completing a project on time and on budget. There have been contracting methods written to enhance an approach of openness and honesty.


But at the end of the day what matters is the team and the relationships that form throughout the project. We are kidding ourselves if we believe that any project small or large will run without any issues. But here at Collaborative Engineering Services we pride ourselves in understanding the people we work with.


Being able to face problems as they arise and bringing the team together, and finding ways of working to solve problems.


City View

We love creating and leading teams. Understanding how each individual is motivated to do a good job and rewarding appropriately. We respect each individual and show empathy towards all the people that we work.


We use training and mentoring to improve the performance of individuals and understand that no one is every on there game every day. We all face struggles in our working life and therefore we need to make adjustments to the team to support and encourage all team members to get through the rough patches.


We always involve our customers and suppliers and keep open communication channels to ensure that everyone has the information to succeed.


Shady Boulevard

We are always open and honest in our approach to all situations. We do not shy away from making difficult decisions and will always lead by showing a good decision making process.


There is never a single right answer when it comes to complex engineering decisions and we rely on our teams openness and honesty to give us all the information that we need to make informed decisions.


Sometimes this can be difficult and we ensure that we are clear in our approach to identifying risks and managing them throughout the project lifecycle.


Urban View

We will deliver what we have promised.


Our integrity is very important to us and we will not compromise on our high standards that we have set ourselves over the years. We will not work with companies that do not share our values and rely on our network that we have built up over many years.


We will work to bring our work ethic to any team that we create and ensure that everyone feels valued. We enjoy what we do and the best outcomes always come from a journey that maybe has not been straightforward. We know the reality of project management.

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