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Collaborative Engineering Services - Our Case Studies - Oxford, UK

Case Studies

This is some of the work that we have been involved with and what our customers say about us. Sometimes we cannot publish the full details of our work due to confidentiality.

Collaborative Engineering Services - Alpha 311 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - Oxford, UK


Alpha 311 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Collaborative Engineering Services have been responsible for the product development and commercialisation of a small vertical axis wind turbine. From CFD, design, manufacturing and the commercial wrap we have worked with the Alpha team to bring their product to market.

"Working with Chris & Lesley is a real pleasure. They have brought not only their impressive knowledge & experience to our project, but also their pragmatic and results-driven approach. All of which have been invaluable. Thank you both."

- John, COO Alpha 311 Ltd.


Sustainability Strategy 

Collaborative Engineering Services were asked to produce a Sustainability Strategy for a leading UK provider of Electric Vehicle Chargers. This included the GHG emission monitoring, a strategy document, policy and action plan. We trained and mentored the team to be able to deliver the company goals.

Collaborative Engineering Services - Sustainability Strategy - Oxford, UK
Collaborative Engineering Services - Public Procurement Housing Refurbishment Tender - Oxford, UK


Public Procurement Housing Refurbishment Tender

Collaborative Engineering Services regularly support companies during the tender process for Social Housing refurbishment and maintenance contracts. This can range from developing winning themes to writing content for bids.   

"Thank you for delivering our bid on time and to a high standard, we have enjoyed working with you and look forward to the next bid!" - Contracts Manager


Health & Safety Consultancy

Collaborative Engineering Services provided help and support including writing policies, documentation, and checklists for the opening of a stadium in Oxford. Carrying out audits and prioritising work to ensure that the opening night was successful for the team.  

Collaborative Engineering Services - Health & Safety Oxford Speedway - Oxford, UK
Airplus Renewables.png


Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Collaborative Engineering Services have been working on the product development and commercialisation of an urban air wind turbine for Airplus Renewables.


Work to date has included CFD, design, and scaling to build a full-size prototype We have also worked on applications for grant funding and finding commercial test sites within Oxford.


CFD - Navier Flow Consultants

Collaborative Engineering Services work closely with Navier Flow Consultants on a number of projects for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). From turbines to modelling heat transfer we carry out varying work packages.


“Working with Chris and Lesley is always a fantastic experience. CES brings a wealth of technical knowledge and project management expertise, combined with a friendly and pragmatic approach that consistently delivers results. Their commitment to collaboration, teamwork, honesty, and professionalism is evident in every aspect of their work.


They excel at fostering strong relationships, facing challenges head-on, and maintaining open communication. Their ability to lead and motivate teams ensures that everyone feels valued and empowered. Chris and Lesley’s integrity and dedication to high standards make them exceptional partners on any project.”


James Linfield CEO Navier Flow Consultants.

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