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Collaborative Engineering Services - Who We Work With - Oxford, UK

Who We Work With

Alpha 311 W.JPG

ALPHA 311 

Local renewable energy for the world using vertical axis wind turbines.

The Alpha 311 vertical axis wind turbine creates power where it’s needed most: locally. It’s smaller, lighter, cheaper and easier to install than traditional turbines.

Office Workspace

Bid For Success

Bidding successfully as a team is all about relationships.

Making the right decision of who to work with on your bid is critical.  We want to deliver a successful, winning bid, together.



An expert engineering consultancy, specialising in FEA 

Specialists in core areas which are paramount for all mechanical, structural and product designs we offer design by substantiation services

Construction Planners

Safety Services UK

A Professional Occupational Health and Safety Consultantancy

Established in 1983 providing a complete health and safety service to the Construction industry & many others. Safety training provider.

auto parts

Lightning Machining

Quality machined components and parts specialist in EDM wiring.

Lightning Machining offer a fast, friendly and reactive service, ensuring our valued customer’s expectations are met and exceeded.

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