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Collaborative Engineering Services - Product Development - Oxford, UK

Product Development

We love supporting new technology. We have managed funding projects through UK government schemes, European funding or private investment through EIS or similar schemes. 

Our approach is to assist with putting the right team together, to ensure that there is a clear commercialisation strategy in place and managing the process to ensure maximising your grant funding. This enables you to step back and concentrate on the technology whilst we take on the managing funding for the next stage of development.

Why use us? Because we are a great combination of engineers and commercially focused individuals who understand how hard it is to develop your ideas and realise a product or service in the marketplace. We are real people not corporate consultants who understand that there is not just a single approach to development and we need to be flexible and honest when there are obstacles in the road. 

We have gone through the process and can work with you to take the pressure off so that you can focus on the technology. We are always honest in our way of working and will manage the risks at each stage from feasibility to full production. 

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